Combined Off-Site Residential & Small Business Feng Shui Consultation

Combined Off-Site Residential & Small Business Feng Shui Consultation

Get Fenged - no matter where you live AND work.

Your detailed Classical Feng Shui Reports will cover the Chinese Astrology, Numerology & 8 Mansions Feng Shui for each individual living in your home and your business report will include the Chinese Astrology and 8 Mansions Feng Shui (including recommended desk orientation for up to 5 key management/staff members of your small business), plus surrounding landform analysis/recommendations, room-by room fei/xing flying star feng shui analysis and recommendations, annual energy influences and Sun Ceremony dates for energising your home and business each year.

These consultations DO NOT include an On-Site visit by Derelle, so they can apply to any home and business around the world.  For further information, please email Derelle at

Note: price will increase for a larger business depending on the size and scope of the work.  Also, Derelle reserves the right to refuse to do this service if the compass orientation, surrounding landform and/or time period etc of a building is too difficult to ascertain with certainty via an off-site consult.  In this case, your money will be refunded and Derelle will recommend consultants in your area to help you via an On-Site visit to your property.

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