2020 and the Central 7 Qi from a Feng Shui Perspective

Posted on March 09, 2020 by Derelle Ball

This morning I was pondering the influence of the central 7 Red/Po Jun energy from an annual feng shui perspective, as part of the Dui Trigram and via the 2020 annual energy influence chart showing below.  The red sectors indicate areas where regular movement and activity can help generate fortunate qi (transformative energy) from the annual 8, 9 and 1 energy influences, while the green shaded areas indicate locations where you should try to avoid significant excavation, drilling, hammering etc until 3 Feb 2021 in order to avoid triggering negative annual energy influences.  The South sector is where the annual 2 Black/Ju Men energy resides this year and traditionally this is where we would place one or more gourds (also known as a calabash or wu lu) with an opening cut into the top of it to help reduce potential sickness qi. 


The 7 energy/Dui Trigram connects with the mouth, lungs, communications, aggressive and competitive behaviour, theft, medical and metaphysical practices.  One thing that struck me as ironic at the start of this year was the vision around the world of so many people wearing face masks – first due to the fires and subsequent smoke, and then due to the corona virus.  The 7 energy has a direct link with the mouth and respiratory system, and when combined with the 2 energy it forms a He-Tu Fire qi. 

The Dui Trigram is also associated with something that bends and breaks (like autumn leaves falling from a tree) and something that adheres and then separates (like fruit detaching from a vine).  Gourds resonate strongly with the Dui energy via the way in which they grow and via the big belly and narrow neck shape.  In the business world, when using the productive character of the 7 qi, one would become a ''critic" and "cut the excess".

When you place a dried gourd (with a hole cut into the top section) within the location of the annual 2 Black energy, this particular shape is said to help attract the attention of sickness qi that tends to travel alongside the annual 2 and keeps it occupied within the big belly shape.  If you do not have a dried gourd, the next best thing is an empty metallic vase or urn with a big belly, narrow neck and an opening at the top.  It does not need to be openly on display either.  You can place it behind, under or beside furniture as long as it is not completely enclosed within a drawer or cupboard.

Examples of a gourd and empty gourd-shaped vases and urns

In the Shuo Gua Zhuan (which contains Confucian commentary about the meanings and associations connected with the Trigrams), it is said that if the mountain star 7 in the inherent Fei Xing/Flying Star Feng Shui chart of a building is supported by a gourd-shaped mountain, the energy will help produce individuals who become famous for their medical and/or metaphysical work.

Personally I also find it helpful to have half a glass of alkaline water with a splash of elderberry concentrate (eg Sambucol), a splash of apple cider vinegar and 3 drops of organic Oregano Oil each morning as an additional immune booster.

The Hexagram for 2020 is Yi/Increasing with the Wind Trigram (eldest daughter) sitting above the Thunder Trigram (eldest son).  The general meaning behind this Hexagram explores the need for government to take note of female leaders demonstrating new ways of governing, the need to increase welfare, begin new ways of doing business, new ways of educating, new ways for agriculture and the need to invest in the future while dealing with devastation from natural phenomena or war.  

When I started writing annual 2020 updates for previous clientele from September last year, in my overview for the year I commented on the ‘scarcity mentality’ becoming more prominent, however never did I think this would lead to the current toilet paper hording mentality :-O 

Here’s an excerpt from the general overview for 2020 provided in my annual updates:

“In many ways, 2020 provides a micro-view of where we may be headed over the long term, with the Geng Zi energy marking the beginning of a whole new chapter of astrological influences beginning with a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in January and then ending the year with a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.  These astrological markers indicate a gradual transition from general Capricorn themes such as right wing politics, responsibility, independence, national security, protectionist trade policies, industrialisation, fossil fuels, personal ambition, planetary exploitation and materialistic values to Aquarian themes such as technological innovation, rebellion, decentralization and recognition of the collective over the individual. 

Not everyone will be on board with the way in which security-driven technology and political ideology are becoming ever more present in our lives, and this is likely to lead way to increased rebellion and polarized opinions as the year progresses with some fearing change and others fearing nothing will change. 

The element of Water will be an underlying theme throughout the year and this ties in closely with the crux of the problem in regard to ‘climate change’ ie the fact that climate change alters the water cycles that traverse our planet, and these water cycles are the foundations for all life on earth.  The element of Water is also connected with communications, travel, transport, deep thinking, fear, intuitive healing and internal restlessness.

In Stephen Covey’s classic “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, he discusses the Scarcity Mentality attitude and how people with this attitude have a hard time being genuinely happy for the success of other people.  The Scarcity Mentality is the subconscious belief and fear we must always compete for money and opportunity and that recognition automatically means someone else must lose.  Living and working like this leads to incredible paranoia, distrust, fear and anxiety. While the fear factor associated with Water element is strong and hope/optimism from Fire is lacking in big picture astrology this year, it’s important to avoid falling into a negative belief system which can sabotage your life via subconscious expectations of loss and failure.   Fire element will return an underlying feeling of optimism in 2025 when we enter the year of the Wood Snake (Yi Si).”

Be careful to avoid taking up any bad habits this year because they are more likely to have long term repercussions, (especially if you have Rooster/You in your 4 Pillars birth chart).  On the flip side, if you make a consistently conscious effort to give up a negative habit and focus on establishing beneficial patterns of behaviour instead, then you will be able to make very positive use of the additional Fortune Virtue energy affecting the centre of the West sector this year, with lots of regular activity and movement. 

2020 is an important year to begin positive new habits and a great book to help in this is: “Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones” by James Clear.

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The Most Important Key to Success

Posted on October 23, 2016 by Derelle Ball

Perception is such a funny thing. Two people can experience the same input on their 5 senses and yet come up with totally different conclusions – it all depends on their perception and the underlying subconscious beliefs that drive them.

For example, there is a famous story about 2 brothers who grew up in the same household with a drunken and abusive father. After becoming adults and leaving home, one brother became an abusive drunk and the other brother became a successful business manager who refused to touch a drop of alcohol. When both brothers were questioned as to why they felt they ended up where they did, they both replied “it was their only choice”.

I bring this up in relation to a discussion I had the other day with a friend who moved into his newly renovated home around a year ago. The renovation was extensive enough to shift the building permanently into the current Period of 8, and this gave him a water star 8 qi at the facing where his main entry and a beautiful external water feature are located.

He started the conversation by stating his finances have gone terribly since he renovated and moved into the house. I did not do the feng shui for his home, however I am familiar with its layout and fei xing/flying star chart and surrounding landform. I was surprised to hear his statement and this lead to a discussion of the underlying character of the 8 Zuo Fo qi.

Yes the water star 8 connects with the ruling energy for the current Period of 8 and deemed fortunate if you are able to harness its energy. The character of the 8 Zuo Fo is kind of like the mythical Pi Yao. It likes to gradually accumulate. Legend states the Pi Yao has no anus, so everything it eats is accumulated in its belly!

The character of the 8 qi connects with assets, knowledge, wealth, property, a steady plodding pace, altruism and accumulation. It does not like to be rushed.

My friend had set up his business from home and had expected to continue at his regular creative, frenetic and highly energetic pace, however it appears the 8 qi has had a slow but steady influence on his finances, although not in regard to where he expected it.

His home based business has floundered since moving into his renovated home, however upon digging deeper, it emerged that since moving there his investments in property have significantly increased along with the rental income he now earns from investments made in residential and commercial properties. He hadn’t really taken into consideration sources of income other than his home based business when he made his initial statement. Upon reflection, he realised the gentle plodding and accumulative influence of the water star 8 has indeed been very good to his bank balance via his substantially increased assets, investments and accumulated rental income.

I then dug a bit deeper still and looked at his 4 Pillars chart – especially the month branch, which gives a preview on how strong an individual’s capacity can be to begin and run their own business and whether or not their current luck pillar supports this, or if they should seek alternative ways in which to produce income.

In my friend’s case, there had been certain times in his life cycle where he was able to make good money via running his own business, however he had entered a new 10 year luck cycle when he moved into his renovated home, and the energy had changed, and now (as he has discovered) his money making capacity is better suited to property investment and capitalising on his inherent talents connected with the recognition of patterns and trends in the market, detailing and the development of systemized structures. He can still make money managing a business, however it would be easier to do so if he invests his money, time and/or skill in someone else’s business as part of the process.

So now he is very happy with the effect the water star 8 energy has had on his newly renovated home and capacity to accumulate wealth. Its subtle influence has allowed him to gradually accumulate assets and subsequent increased rental income over the past year and he is now keen to get further educated on this process in regard to utilising his talent for tapping into market trends and patterns in order to continue generating and increasing this valuable form of income.

And here is the most important part of this conversation. You see it’s not enough to simply be aware of your feng shui or astrology. These are tools which give you choices. It’s still up to you do something and take the correct action in order to make the most of what is on offer. As Tony Robbins famously states: “Action is the most important key to any success.”

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