What's in Store for April 2020

Posted on March 25, 2020 by Derelle Ball

The solar month of the Geng Chen/Metal Dragon will occur from 4 April until 4 May 2020.   On Monkey/Shen days the element of Water will be particularly strong due a combination of qi between the annual Rat/Zi + monthly Dragon/Chen + daily Monkey/Shen energies which form a 3 Combination of Water energy.  The Monkey/Shen days will occur during April 11 and 23. 

If Water is a favourable element for you according to your personal 4 Pillars birth chart and current luck cycle then you can productively use it via intelligent thinking, analysing, enhanced learning and following your intuition.  However, if Water is not so favourable for you, then you should be mindful of maintaining a positive mindset and avoid alcohol during these days in particular because strong Water can also lead to an underlying sense of fear.

The dates to be generally cautious about initiating/launching new projects or making important financial decisions etc, (due to a clash of energy between the day and the month and/or year energy) are: April 9, 13, 21, 25 and May 3.

Take note of the first 2 Sundays in April.  The first (April 5) will contain supportive astrological energy for initiating positive change via pragmatic planning and teamwork.  

Then on Sunday April 12 there will be an underlying positive vibe for pragmatic communications, making this a good day to negotiate, compromise and seek mutually beneficial agreements.

Wednesday 15 April will also contain good energy (from an East and West astrological perspective) for initiating medical/health related meetings and procedures, especially if you maintain a fluid and lateral thinking mindset regarding your thoughts and responses.

On Monday April 27 (during the Geng Chen and Jia Shen time frames) there will be some unique synchronicity occurring from a Xuan Kong Da Gua perspective when all the hexagrams of the time, day, month and year will resonate with Yi Qi Chun Qing energy.  This is due to all the hexagrams containing Period of 9 You Bi Gua energy.  From a general date selection perspective, this particular day will also be a Metal Rat/Success day, so if you want to make the absolute best use of the fortunate energy generated on April 27, focus your thoughts and actions specifically during the Geng Chen and Jia Shen time frames (which will occur in Brisbane around 06:45 – 08:44 and from 14:45 – 16:44).  Whatever you are focusing on and initiating during these time frames will enjoy very strong universal synchronicity, so keep it positive and proactive 😊

Looking at the interaction of annual and monthly flying star energies during the Geng Chen solar month, the West, Northwest and Northeast sectors contain favourable energy flow so try to spend more time in any of these sectors this month. 

The addition of metal element via gold, golden yellow, silver, brass or bronze colour, metallic ornaments that are curved or round in shape and the sound of a singing bowl, clearing bell or beautiful piano music will add a protective influence to the East, Southeast and South sectors.

Note: when determining the compass sectors of your home and business, they are like 8 big pieces of pie with the centre of the pie being located in the gravitational centre of the building and each compass sector radiating out from the centre to the boundary lines of your property – irrespective of where the building sits on your property.  And when measuring with a compass to establish where North is, if using a compass app on your iPhone, make sure you can calibrate it to Magnetic North.  Most compass apps use standard Map/True North and need to be calibrated to Magnetic North in order to give you a more reliable compass reading for feng shui purposes. 

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