Favourable and Unfavourable Locations for Excavation and Construction during the Metal Rat Year

Posted on January 06, 2020 by Derelle Ball

On 4 February 2020 the annual Feng Shui energies change location in and around your home and business and it pays to take a look at where these energies are located and whether or not they attract beneficial energy or can be a potential problem if disturbed with excavation or construction. 

In the colour-coded guideline showing below you can see the areas to AVOID excavation and construction (shaded in green) and the areas where regular movement, activity and/or construction are more likely to attract beneficial opportunity (shaded in red).  Of course, how beneficial the red shaded areas can be also depends on the interaction of the Annual Energy Influence with the inherent Fei Xing (Flying Stars) Feng Shui energy flow affecting the building as well as the influence of the surrounding land form.

These annual energy influences will affect every building around the world from 4 Feb 2020 until 3 Feb 2021.

Note: the compass sectors of your home and business are like 8 big pieces of pie that begin in the gravitational centre of the building and extend to the boundary lines of your property, irrespective of where the building is situated on the property.  You can determine the general location of each compass sector by standing in the centre of the building with a compass and taking note which rooms are located in which compass sectors.  If using a compass app on your iPhone, make sure it is calibrated to Magnetic North and NOT Map/True North.  The compass sectors and their corresponding degrees are:

North Sector:                337.5 - 22.5 degrees

Northeast Sector:         22.5 - 67.5 degrees

East Sector:                 67.5 - 112.5 degrees

Southeast Sector:        112.5 - 157.5 degrees

South Sector:               157.5 - 202.5 degrees

Southwest Sector:        202.5 - 247.5 degrees

West Sector:                247.5 - 292.5 degrees

Northwest Sector:        292.5 - 337.5 degrees

If construction or excavation occurs in a neighbouring property or along the roadside adjoining your property within a green shaded area (from 4 Feb 2020 until 3 Feb 2021), hang a beautiful sounding metallic windchime between the disturbance and your home or regularly play beautiful sounding piano music so that it is heard in the area of the building that is being disturbed.  The sound of metal (from the windchime and piano music) will help partially calm and deflect the disturbed qi, (depending on how large the disturbance is).  

You can also activate the annual Sun (Tai Yang) qi which will affect a third of the Northeast sector (Chou) which is closest to where NE meets North, from 4 Feb 2020 until 3 Feb 2021 with some digging, hammering and/or regular activity and movement to help reduce the effect of a negative disturbed area.

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