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Posted on February 21, 2018 by Derelle Ball

Here's an article I wrote for Rescu Magazine on what we can expect in 2018, Year of the Wu Xu (Earth Dog)  http://rescu.com.au/your-2018-chinese-horoscopes/ 

2018 Chinese Horoscopes: Year of The Dog

2018 is the year of the Wu Xu/ Earth Dog in Chinese Astrology. It will begin on 4 February 2018, (according to the Solar Calendar) and on 16 February 2018 (according to the Lunar Calendar). The Lunar Calendar is used for traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, however keep in mind, the Solar Calendar is used when calculating the Feng Shui of the year and 4 Pillars/Bazi Chinese Astrology for individuals.

The Wu Xu/Earth Dog Year pillar contains Yang Earth sitting on Yang Earth, with additional Yin Metal and Yin Fire in the hidden stems. It’s been quite a while since we had a Year pillar with harmonious elements. The Hexagram for the Year Pillar consists of Earth sitting on Mountain, and the qi of this Hexagram resonates with modesty, humility and the need to set aside pride and ego in order to get things accomplished. Some people mistakenly take this to mean letting people walk all over you and this is a very wrong interpretation because the letting go of ego and demonstrating humility acts as a conduit and connector between leaders and the people they represent, as well as being an important strategy in diplomatic negotiations.


Wu Xu also connects with the image of a volcano, movement inside the mountain, trust-related issues, taking a stand, things hidden beneath the surface, stubbornness, protectionism, determination and strong will. You can make productive use of the inherent energy of the year by stubbornly sticking to a disciplined and pragmatic approach when it comes to achieving your goals in 2018.

The energy of 2018 is pivotal as we see a transferal of energy from extremist ideology to the need for more transparency, common sense and compassion. One of the great truths of mankind is that we learn through suffering, and there will likely be some key world events occurring this year that will act as a conduit to help better connect us all through a common cause. 2018 also begins a long-term period of transformational change which will ultimately see the restructuring of our major systems (eg government, financial institutions and how we conduct business with one another). Children born this year will become the pioneers and future leaders of a long term revolutionary new world order that begins to emerge from 2018.

If you have Dragon (Chen) in your 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology chart, then there will be a clash of qi with the annual Dog (Xu) qi in 2018. You can symbolically harmonise the clash of energy by wearing a Rabbit (Mao) pendant and/or placing a Pi Yao or Ki Lin in the Northwest sector of your home and business (closest to where NW meets West). You should also be extra cautious and generally conservative with your expenditure this year.

If you were born in the Hour of the Dragon, there is likely to be change connected with your children and/or an important project or investment. If you were born on the Day of the Dragon, there is likely to be change related to an important relationship (eg a business and/or personal partnership) to contend with. If born in the Month of the Dragon, your career and/or parents may be affected by the energy of change and if you were born in the Year of the Dragon, then the energy of change can bring general turbulence to your life as well as affecting your place of residence and/or needing to travel more for work.

When experiencing clash energy in any given year, it’s best to be conservative in your thinking, planning and budgeting and go with the flow. You should endeavor to work with and adapt to the energy of change rather than fighting against it. If you are not going with the flow, then energy brought on by the 2018 eclipses will tend to force the change upon you whether you want it or not.

It helps to look back to the past to understand certain cyclic patterns that may play out again in the current day. 1958 was the last Wu Xu year and during that year there were many nuclear tests conducted around the world, resulting in 9,000 scientists from 43 nations petitioning the UN for a nuclear test ban.

It’s interesting to note that Elon Musk and 116 experts in the field of artificial intelligence have recently been petitioning the UN against the development of AI in relation to robotic soldiers and weaponry.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the compass sectors of your home and business begin in the gravitational centre of the building and extend out to the boundary lines of your property, like 8 giant pieces of pie. If standing in the centre of the building with a compass, take note of the location of rooms within each of the 8 compass sectors.

If using a compass app on your phone, make sure you calibrate the compass to Magnetic North and NOT Map/True North. The difference between Magnetic North and Map/True North varies according to the Magnetic Declination at different locations around the world which can be up to 30 degrees West or 26 degrees East depending on where you are located.

The feng shui energies of qi (living/transformative energy) travel along magnetic pathways beneath and above the ground and these unseen magnetic pathways of qi determine the inherent energy flow and subsequent probability of certain occurrences and characteristics to emerge and affect people working, living and sleeping in a specific location, in a building facing towards a specific orientation and constructed during a specific period of time.

In 2018 the ruling energy of the year is the annual 9 Fire Purple You Bi. This energy will reside in the Centre of each building and it helps set the scene for the year while connecting with social/networking and celebratory activity, achievement and promotion, the heart and vision. It’s also a secondary romance energy and an amplifier for the inherent qi already present in the centre of every building around the world. So, if the central feng shui energy flow in a building is harmonious and relates well to Fire, then great. If the inherent centre combination inside your home or business is not in harmony, then the presence of the annual 9 may amplify the disharmony.


The number 9 has a very deep influence on all of us and in nature itself. It connects to the spark of life, how we connect socially and how we express ourselves creatively. New scientific discoveries connected with the heart and vision are likely, as well as exploration into space and the quest for deeper understanding and spiritual/philosophical connection via artistic expression and the entertainment industry.

The locations in your home, business and property that can attract negative energy and misfortune if disturbed via renovation, construction, excavation or cutting down trees in 2018 are the North sector, a third of the NW sector (closest to where NW meets West) and a third of the SE sector (closest to where SE meets East). It’s fine to keep mowing the lawn, gently weeding and maintaining a clutter-free feel to these areas – just avoid disturbing the qi with continued digging, drilling, hammering, sawing etc.

This also applies to properties and road that borders onto the affected areas of your property. So if the council conducts road works and excavation near the boundary of your property on the North side, then this will disturb the energy in the North sector which can then have negative repercussions for the occupants of your building. If this happens, you should create a Metal element barrier between the disturbance and your home or business by hanging a pleasant sounding metallic windchime outside in the North sector, adding 5 or 6 silver garden glazing balls outside in the North sector and/or by regularly playing beautiful piano music in the North sector of the building.

You can also perform some earth acupressure by redirecting the disturbed qi to another location that will partially absorb the disturbed energies. You can do this in a number of locations around your property where the annual Dragon Virtue, Sun and Fortune Virtue energies reside, depending on the inherent flying star feng shui energy flow and surrounding landform. A qualified Xuan Kong Feng Shui practitioner should be able to help you accurately locate these auspicious annual energies in and around your home and business and determine which will be most useful for you to activate (as well as supportive activation dates) in any given year.

The auspicious annual 8 White Zuo Fu qi will reside in the Southeast sector this year and attract abundance opportunity. You can harmonise this energy with the addition of a splash of Fire element (via a decorative red object and/or a lamp that is regularly turned on) as well as regular activity and movement in this part of the building. People born in the year of the Snake and Dragon will tend to be the most susceptible to this annual energy influence, especially if sleeping or working in the Southeast sector this year

The annual 7 Red Po Jun is an inherently argumentative and highly competitive energy which will affect the East sector this year. Its effect is particularly strong in the East Sector this year due to the Metal/Wood clash, and this can be partially remedied with the addition of water element (ie medium-dark blue or black colour). The annual 7 qi likes to debate, compete, teach, cut to the chase and communicate its message to others, so you can productively use this energy if working in dispute resolution, competitive sales, in a teaching/training environment, writing, blogging or if training for a competitive sport. If sleeping or working in the East sector this year, be wary of potential injury to the feet or lower limbs as well as the throat and/or teeth. If playing a contact sport, make sure you wear the correct protective gear including a mouth guard. You should also be extra security conscious with important documentation, belongings, windows and external doors in the East Sector.  People born in the year of the Rabbit will tend to be most susceptible to this annual energy influence, especially if sleeping or working in the East sector this year.

The Southwest sector hosts the annual 6 White Wu Qu energy which supports authority, leadership, taking on more responsibility and promotion. This is a great location to display your expertise in your professional field and be recognized as a leader in your industry. People born in the year of the Goat and Monkey will tend to be most susceptible to this annual energy influence, especially if sleeping or working in the Southwest sector this year.

The annual 5 Yellow Lian Zhen and Sarm Sart energies will affect the North sector this year. If these annual energies are disturbed via renovation, construction, excavation or cutting down trees any time from 4 February 2018 until 3 February 2019, you risk triggering 3 types of misfortune. Remove any dominant red colours from the North sector this year and increase protective metal element via white, silver, gold, golden yellow, brass, bronze colour, metallic ornaments that are curved or round in shape and the regular sound of Metal via a metallic windchime, singing bowl, chiming pendulum clock or harmonious piano music. People born in the year of the Rat are most susceptible to this annual energy influence, especially if sleeping or working in the North sectorthis year.

The annual 4 Green Wen Qu energy permeates the South sector this year where its presence enhances academic achievement, research, studies, entertainment, design, romance and creative expression. Enhance this positive energy with a healthy indoor pot plant in a black or dark blue pot. People born in the year of the Horse will tend to be most susceptible to this annual energy influence, especially if sleeping or working in the South sector this year.

The annual 3 Jade Lu Cun energy will affect the Northeast sector this year where it will stir up disagreements, politicking and legal issues. You can partially harmonise the qi in the Northeast sector this year with the addition of Fire element (eg a decorative red object or a lamp that is regularly turned on), however a lot depends on the inherent energy flow as to how strong the Fire element can be, because in some cases, the inherent energy may already be negative and potentially dangerous if fed with too much Fire element colour or form, so when in doubt, be cautious and only add small amounts of Fire element colour to the Northeast sector until you are happy with the general feel of this location. The energy of the annual 3 Jade Lu Cun qi can be used productively by competitive sports and sales people, individuals working in dispute resolution, lawyers, financial advisors and gambling institutions. People born in the year of the Tiger and Ox will tend to be the most susceptible to this annual energy influence, especially if sleeping or working in the Northeast sector this year.

The West sector is affected by the presence of the annual 2 Black Ju Men qi this year. This energy attracts sickness qi which can lower the immune system of anyone spending a lot of time working or sleeping in the West sector this year. Add some protective metal element (via white, gold, silver, golden yellow, brass or bronze colour and metallic ornaments) as well as an organic dried gourd with a hole cut into the top section of the gourd, or a gourd-shaped empty metallic vase or urn to the West sector to entice and occupy the sickness qi so it is less likely to harm the occupants of the West sector. Note: ‘gourd-shaped’ simply means having a big belly, a narrow neck and an opening at the top. If you entice the sickness qi into the gourd or gourd-shaped vase (also known as a Wu Lu or Calabash), then you can productively use the residual qi of the annual 2 Black Ju Men to support frugality with your savings and budgeting as well as increased spiritual connection to the earth. The presence of the annual 2 Black Ju Men in the West sector will be productive for West facing business that is health-related (ie pharmacology, medical centre, natural therapies etc).   People born in the year of the Rooster will tend to be most susceptible to this annual energy influence, especially if sleeping or working in the West sector this year.

Opportunity for advancement, financial gain and promotion will occur in the Northwest sector this year thanks to the influence of the annual 1 White Tan Lang. This annual energy supports intelligent decision making, wisdom, learning, financial negotiation and literary achievement. Conversely, the influence of the annual 1 qi can also increase pre-existing emotional conditions and the influence of intoxication from alcohol. This annual energy responds harmoniously with water and metal element colour, form and sound (eg black, medium-dark blue, navy, white, gold, silver, golden yellow, brass, bronze colour, curved, round and wavy shapes, metallic ornaments, beautiful image of water, the sound of harmonious piano music and/or a singing bowl). People born in the year of the Boar & Dog will tend to be most susceptible to this annual energy influence, especially if sleeping or working in the Northwest sector this year

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